20 November 2013

Gel nails. How to get the best out of your Gel polish.

Do NOT under any circumstances peel/pick off your gel polish. You are literally peeling the top layer of your nail off. Your gel won’t last as long the next time you have it applied as your nail will have become weekend and dry.

Always have your gel removed professionally or use the correct products at home. We would strongly advise NOT sitting with your nails in a bowl of acetone or filing off your polish.

When washing your hair use a pair of latex gloves to avoid hair getting under your gel especially after week one when it starts to grow out.

Use your cuticle oil every night after your gel application to nourish the skin and cuticle.  Not 24 hours before your gel application appointment.

The essential fatty acids in Flaxseed oil are fantastic for dry or brittle nails as well as many more health benefits. Buy organic flaxseed oil to optimise the effects. This is also available in vegetarian capsules. Take 1000mg once a day with food. (If you have any other medical problems or are taking any other medication please consult a pharmacist before purchasing)