Taking time out to do nothing often
brings everything into perspective

Complimentary therapy is a priority at Face to Face, where we acknowledge the stresses of life today, and take a holistic approach to your physical and emotional needs.

Bio Energy

Bio energy is a non-invasive treatment. Treating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in the body. Zdenko Domancic originally developed this healing technique over 35 years ago based on his study of martial arts and other various forms of healing. He discovered that by using a series of hand movements, with positive intention around the body, in a particular sequence that negative or stagnant energy could be illuminated.

This in turn aids the natural flow of energy to flow around the body and allowing the body to begin the healing process.

Your session may be combined with meditation, reflexology, massage and ear candling.

Per session £40

Initial consultation and first treatment £50

Ear Candling

An ancient holistic treatment designed to relieve headaches and congestion. This treatment also includes a welcome back ritual, face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to help drain away any congestion. We then complete this treatment with some reflexology points on the foot to enhance the treatment.



Anne specialises in reflexology and is a fully qualified Bio Energy therapist, with the additional shamanic courses and teachings that Anne has experienced she feels this is an amazing trilogy that works so well together.

The foot can be divided into reflex points, each one corresponding to and affecting different parts of the body. By applying pressure we can manipulate the body’s healing process. This will help to balance out the body to leave you feeling relaxed.