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you on any of your treatment needs


Using the Jessica prescribed treatments and products. Improves nail growth cuticle condition and skin texture.

Luxury Manicure £35

Mini Manicure £25

Nail paint only £15

File cuticles only £15


Trimming nails correctly, removal of hard skin, exfoliation of skin and warm heated booties, massage and polish application.

(Please bring open – toe shoes to allow polish to dry, otherwise a separate appointment will be needed)

Luxury Pedicure £35

Mini Pedicure £25

Gel Polish

This unique gel in a bottle, with patent-pending technology, is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. GELeration lasts up to 15+ days without chipping, peeling, or fading and is easily removed in minutes.

(all clients are advised NOT peel off gel and homecare advice must be adhered to)

Gel application or twinkle overlay £26

Removal (inc mini manicure or pedicure) £25

Removal and application same day £32


A quick and effective method of hair removal lasting 3 – 6 weeks and in some cases can weaken hair growth.

Full Leg inc Bikini £40

1/2 Leg £20

3/4 Leg (above knee inc bikini) £30

Back or chest £25-30

Bikini £25-30

Underarm £10

Forearm £10

Lip £8

Chin £7

Brows £10

Lip, Chin, Brows £20

Lip & Chin £12

Lip & Brows £15


(24 hour skin test required)

Eyelash Tinting £15

Eyebrow Tinting £10

Eyelashes & Eyebrows £20

Eyelash tint/Brow tint and wax £30