Elemis exotics
& massage

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for all of our treatments

Lime & Ginger Salt scrub and hydration spa treatment

An exotic exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body.

After light body brushing, warm oil is drizzled luxuriously all over your body before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied.

Your skin is deeply cleansed, polished and softened to perfection, completed with an application of Exotic Island Body Lotion leaving the skin glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless.


Lavashell Massage

Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool, a patented, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Lava Shell which then emits heat for over an hour. Marine polished sea shells or handcrafted porcelain shells glide smoothly over your body providing a seamless massage of heat and touch. We also offer Glacial Shells which deliver an ice treatment to compliment Lava Shells and used in combination to deliver Lava Shell Rescue and Glacial Shell. The Lavashells combined with our eastern and western massage techniques is a truly opulent treatment experience.

Lavashell back massage £52

Full body Lavashell massage £70

Full Body Massage

From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, using the purest aromatherapy oils indulge in an intensely calming and soothing massage to ease away the stresses and strain of modern day life.


Back Massage

Focusing on the back, neck, shoulder and scalp area to relieve tension and aching from tight tired muscles.

Ideally complemented with the Oakdale Massage Chair.


Thai Foot Massage

East meets west.

After a relaxing welcome back ritual we move on to the scalp, neck and chest to ensure you are totally relaxed before we begin. We then move down to the feet and lower leg and begin our bespoke Thai foot ritual and massage. This is one of our most popular treatments combining western and eastern techniques.


Back, Neck and Scalp Massage With Thai Foot

A back, neck and scalp massage and our full Thai foot massage. Combining two of our most popular treatments for a truly relaxing and de-stressing treatment experience.


Oakdale Massage Chair

This Oakdale massage chair is the closest you can get to a human touch and deep massage. This is a fully reclining massage chair that feels as if it encloses you into your own massage world, a combination of acupressure, kneading, rolling and vibration massage.

One session £15