17 February 2020



For once I am so happy to see something worthwhile on trend. Kindness! one of my favourite human traits to witness and demonstrate! Kindness, can be an absolute game changer for someone or yourself.

After the recent death of a well known celebrity the public have had a shake up and and some have realised that being mean, trolling people and generally being unkind can have devastating consequences on another human.

In a world where a high percentage of posts and media are filtered in words and images to appear perfect, no wonder so many people struggle, feel inadequate and constantly question their own life and image. Add some trolling into the mix and its a recipe for disaster. Im not talking about celebrity lives either here, I am talking about the average person that is on social media, buys trashy/newspapers and watches regular reality TV etc. The effects on our reality are clouded by the unrealistic world that surrounds us at times.

How easy is it to get embroiled in petty gossip or mindlessly pick up a magazine/newspaper and read about someones else’s misfortune. As for the news on the TV!!! The subconscious effects on our brain are certainly not positive to say the least. At which point did the world decide to only report bad/tragic news and sport only. Every single day there are amazing things that happen in the world that go unreported. Am I the only one that wants to hear about these heartwarming stories?

What if. . . . . . Every time someone starts tell you some toxic gossip or starts to bitch and moan about someone else you simply and politely asked them to be kind. Skip the pages of the gossip magazine and newspapers. They are usually far from the truth in any case, Just like petty gossip!!!

What if. . . . . You randomly check on that quiet person at work or neighbour that lives alone.

What if . . . . You start to appreciate your loved ones more. If we all treated our partners throughout our relationships like we did in the beginning there would be no end!

What if. . . . You said good morning, good afternoon, have a great day, thank you so much for your help……. You get the picture ey!

What if. . . . . You start to be kind to You? Internal self talk. You would not talk to a small child the way you talk to yourself at times. What if you accepted that you are absolutely imperfect just like every other person on the planet, embrace your brilliant uniqueness and be kind to YOU! Own who you are, love who are! Your blooming fantastic just the way you are.

What if. . . . . Before you make a decision or before you comment on something, do it with with love and compassion, for you and for everyone concerned! Simply think, is this kind.

Being kind is probably one of the most endearing qualities a human can demonstrate towards other beings and towards onesself.

With love and light always sweet soul.